We’re about meaningful digital innovations.

We specialize in challenging the status quo (Pow!)

We are working for the convergence of high-tech to positive-tech with the goal that information becomes not just knowledge but wisdom. At our core, we are a technology company with a marketing DNA.

Gain unprecedented access to techie evangelists with Fullcircle innovations`s digital reach. Those evangelists will be your brand advocates – driving word of mouth, recommendations, and referrals to your business.

We are good at:

Digital Marketing & Social Media Promotions
Digital Brand Consulting
Advertisement Strategy

Our mission:

To wisely develop and promote technological innovations in favor of a better and fair-minded planet.


Our team and partners have the unique combination of technical expertise, human consciousness, result oriented management and extensive experience to consult and deliver your digital project right.

We believe this will ensure a long lasting sustainable solution and partnership with our clients.

Fullcircle innovations helps you to communicate and engage with global social-minded professionals and consumers.

We promote your digital brand and positive products & services to the core techie and green segments. We match your brand with techie, science, eco-green top influencers. For example, In the social media space, we help your dialog with passionate evangelists that can turn your product or services into a hit, we help you  to spread the value of your brand or products on the net with our digital channels.

Building your business through digital marketing is essential in today’s competitive and increasingly digital arena. If you’re thinking of generating a digital marketing campaign or want to freshen up your online marketing efforts, Fullcircle Innovations can help.

Our digital marketing services include:

Brand Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Branding & Identity

Creative Development

Partnership & Influencer Marketing

Mobile apps development.

Promotions leveraging our own platforms and social media presences.

We have also gathered some of the most talented and experienced partners to work to provide the ultimate in digital marketing for your brand.

What makes us stand out


We run our own independent social media communities. A digital trend network (Grendz.com), an iOS marketing platform for eco apps (EcoAppsFree.com), a news outlet focused only on positive news (GoHumans.News).

Digital Evangelists

Our communities bring together professionals, academics, activists and others to generate practical change and new thinking for future innovations. We make sure that we introduce your products/services to the right target


The sky’s the limit. Although, we are based in Japan, our reach is global.

Join the talk

Not only listen what consumers are talking about your brand, join the conversation too.


We are official apple developers specialized in developing positive apps.


We love what we do so your chances to get the right partner for your projects is pretty high with us.

Everyone’s Talking …

From magazines to blogs, employees to CEOs, and the United States to Japan, people are loving what we do.

  • Fastcompany

    Glenn Croston
    “Solving climate change is a big challenge that will require cooperation and innovation on a global scale. Tokyo startup Fullcircle Innovations is taking on this challenge with its offerings at GreenITers.org and EcoAppsFree.com”
  • Metropolislogo

    Jessica Ocheltree
    “despite its recent arrival on the scene, is growing fast and already making an impact”.
  • killerstartups

    Roger H
    “Eco Apps Free is an initiative that is characterized by that – by how novel the whole approach is.”
  • cleantechies_logobw

    Glenn Croston
    “Fullcircle Innovations has more in the works as well as part of their overall goal of harnessing the power of IT to promote environmental action, protection, and innovation”
  • JPlogo

    “New website Grendz.com provides latest info on green technologies, science breakthroughs”
  • Winner of the Innovation Award from Red Herring.


  • asseen

Innovations for a meaning

We take our passion for innovation beyond our products, services and into our practices. As part of our continuing mission to wisely develop and promote technological innovations in favor of a better sustainable planet, we keep reinventing ourselves in order to facilitate the move from thoughts to actions.

“We envision the business world moving to something like CSR 2.0, in which individuals take responsibility (R) for the work to be done, and get together in social networks (S) of like-minded people who work collective (C) in developing solutions”.it’s our RSC approach that is beyond traditional CSR. I’am a personal believer that information and technology are two essential tools to build a better future. We can use technology to build solutions rather than trying to just use technology.

Flavio Souza Founder/CEO  

Our treasures … 

  • Grendz.com is the definitive place for new mind-blowing technology trends, science breakthroughs and green and positive ideas and news.

    Our research team helps brands, individuals, startups, and corporations to be always in the know for the latest tech innovations and trends. Join our Legend membership and get our weekly custom techie trend reports in your inbox. Grendz is YOUR best secret weapon to succeed in today’s competitive and ever changing world. 

    Join us now as Legend ! 

  • Grendz app is available on iOS and Android 

    The latest technology trends on the go: Find and share technology breakthroughs, science mind blowing discoveries and tons of green – eco ideas with your smart devices!

  • Grendz Store is an idea that was suggested by our Legend members on the Grendz.com site.

    That’s right, one of the most asked questions we got was this one:

    “Where can I find this or that product?”, so we have decided to create a dedicated Amazon store front so you can easily get a lot of those awesome products that we share on Grendz.com

    Enjoy Grendz.store !

    Visit Grendz Store Now!
  • ecoapps90

    EcoAppsFree is where greening the world goes mobile.

    We are enabling iPhone & iPad users to take action in pro of our planet by delivering Eco Apps FREE to their mobile devices. In a nutshell, we deliver eco-minded apps for free so the users can green the world around them with their smart iOS devices.

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